Homall Gaming Chair Review & Buying Guide

Gaming chairs are the one that provides your body comfortness. Homall gaming chairs are not unlike the others. It is a brand that manufactures not only gaming chairs but also the recliners and the desk.

This homall gaming chair review article will tell you details about it. The body of a gaming chair has softness inside it that makes you feel comfortable. Any work sitting in a gaming chair can be easily done without any stress.

Those who are game freaks or sit more than half of a day in front of the desktop or laptop need a gaming chair. From head to the bottom of the leg, you can make yourself relax after working straight for a long time.

The Homall gaming chairs are not just with extra features but also are ergonomic. It is designed in a racing-style to feel the games while playing in front of a desktop. Nowadays, people use to purchase a gaming chair for working purposes also.

The gaming chairs have movable armrests and a headrest. Besides, you will observe a leg stand below the seat at the bottom for stretching purposes. The heap and the head region of it have an extra soft pillow that gives your body a perfect massage.

So, in this article, you are going to know about all the features and few negative sides of the homall gaming chair. Moreover, you are going to learn about the guidelines for buying a gaming chair, and some common frequently asked questions from the users.

What Homall Gaming chair review deals with?

People, before doing work, take or search for some pre-suggestions about it. Buying a gaming chair is not that hard but selecting the right one is a bit difficult. There are some strategies that you need to understand before going for the purchase.

Today’s article deals with one of the best ergonomic gaming chairs known as a Homall gaming chair. Throughout this article, you will get all the deep information about it which may encourage you to push forward to purchasing.

If you observe this product, it comes with an ergonomic design and the best features. These features are given by the manufacturer for stressing out your physical pain. This pain occurs due to sitting on a chair in a fixed position for more than 6 hours.

Homall racing style ergonomic computer gaming chair is perfect for the gamers who play big matches at a constant of two to three hours. The durability of this chair is more than you can think or experience before.

Moreover, the headrest and the armrest, along with the rotatable, can incline to a few degrees to an extent. The backside of this chair has fixed inclination control which releases you from giving external pressure to hold.

The outer clothes are made of well-fabric material, and a spongy feeling comes after sitting on it. You can also stress your legs using this chair. So, all of its design and features may encourage you to look forward to purchasing it.

Overview of the product

Everyone always looks for details of a product to decide whether it is suitable to use or not. You will also get the details of every feature in this section of the homall gaming chair review.

Dimension and Weight

The total size of this model is 33.07 x 25.59 x 11.02 inches. Basically, any gaming chair is heavy in size. It is because a gaming chair carries many built-in materials that are placed near the armrest, below the seat, and over the headrest.

Besides, the frame’s material is the one that makes it more weight. This product’s body weight is 42 pounds. You will observe the base wheel to move this chair easily.

Outer cover

The frame is covered by PU leather that makes the cloth more fabric and skinny. You won’t feel any resistance while doing friction with your body. The inner part of the covering is filled with a large amount of foam.

The body is antioxidant, and the cloth works like an elastic. It makes the outer cover more smooth and comfortable. This cover will provide you life-long service even if you use it roughly.

Frame structure

Removing the outer coverings and inner foam, there remains only the frame that holds the full body. The material used to build the frame is steel.

It is strong enough to hold the whole body along with your own body weight. The thickness of this steel frame is 1.8 mm. The more thick the frame is, the better stability will be obtained.


This gaming chair has various features which give you extra comfort to your body. These features are built-in in different regions of this chair. Every gaming chair is filled with extra amazing features.

You can swivel around 360 degrees in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The height of the seat can be adjusted using a hook on the right side below the seat. Besides, Pillows in the headrest region can be taken off if you want to.

The armrests are plain and smoother to place your hands. The cushion is made of lumbar, which makes you feel soft while sitting on it. Moreover, you can also recline the back of this chair to some degrees to make you feel comfortable.

Limit of Inclination

Every feature has some limit to a certain point. It can’t perform further than the marked or tested value. This gaming chair also has reclination limits. It won’t recline backward. Otherwise, forcing the back may lead to destruction.

You can recline your back up to 180 degrees using external body weight. So, make sure you don’t apply much pressure on your back. But what matters because it is a gaming chair, and the reclination facility is made to do so.

Included components

These gaming chairs include some components that are required for your comfortness. The components are the backrest, armrest, seat, and wheels. These components are the essential part of the whole body. You will be able to enjoy the seat and the pillow for the headrest.


The ergonomic design of this chair gives an amazing look from the outside. It has a stylish outlook that seems like a real racing chair. The manufacturer has worked on its patching, stitching, and contrast color. So, overall after seeing it from the front, you will like it.


Every product has some problem that you need to deal with. This model has a defect with the padding. You will sometimes find it difficult to raise up or down the seat to adjust the heights.

Moreover, the armrest is too below to place your arm with comfort. But these problems are solvable if you can adjust them slowly.

Product Specification

  • It can rotate full 360 degrees with no rough friction that helps you in doing work quickly.
  • You can incline this chair up to 180 degrees which gives your body a good stretch.
  • The outer covering is made of PU leather, and the full-body has an inner sponge to feel the softness like an elastic.
  • You will feel the breathable mask whenever you put your pressure on the back of this chair.
  • The knob for raising up and down the seat is very smooth and easy to use due to the good hydraulic gas in it.
  • You will get a head pillow, back pillow, and a soft seat with this product that are the additional components of a gaming chair.

Buying Guide


Making a budget before purchasing a product is one of the crucial parts of an intellectual customer. For buying a homall gaming chair, you don’t need to make your budget high.

You should keep a medium budget for purchasing this product. The price range for buying a homall gaming chair is 200 dollars.


Using a smooth chair is one of the purposes for the Gamers. If the durability is not good, then it will be difficult for you to move or rotate your gaming chair. Besides, you won’t be able to recline your chair with ease for bad durability.


Another factor for enjoying the spongy body of your gaming chair is the softness. It is the comfort purpose for which we get this gaming chair. So, choosing the softcover of a gaming chair is also a great challenge to enjoy.


Gaming chairs with lots of features are cool to use. It is fun to test all the extra buttons added to a gaming chair. For making an inclination degree stable, you can pull a knob at the lower backside of the chair.

For making the seat up and down, you can use the knob below it. Moreover, there is another knob for fixing the lumbar support at the backside of your backrest.

Cloth quality

Choosing a good fabric is a mandatory and intellectual thing to do. A better fabric gives you lifelong support. If you use a material made from PU leather, then in more than five years, you won’t see any scratches or torn parts of your seat.

So, selecting a quality cloth is an essential part of purchasing a gaming chair.

Available pillows

It is better if you get extra pillows with your gaming chair. But that doesn’t mean that not having a pillow makes your gaming chair look worth it. The Homall gaming chair provides a head pillow and also a back pillow as an additional component.

Are Homall gaming chairs good?

If you are searching for a budget gaming chair, then Homall will be best for you. They are ergonomic and look like racing chairs. You can work on this chair for your office desk also. The softness felt by sitting over it will release all your body stress.

Those who are original gamers love to play games sitting on it. So, overall Homall gaming chairs are better to use. You should go for this model in the market.

What is the best budget gaming chair?

Budget gaming chairs are rarely found under 100 dollars, but if you research a lot, then you might barely find one or two models.

For your betterment, we suggest the best budget chair should be near about 200 dollars or a little more. Within this price range, we researched some cool featured gaming chairs, which you will see below.

  • Respawn Sidewinder Gaming Chair
  • OFM Essentials Racing Chair
  • Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • AKRacing Core Series EX
  • Respawn 205 Gaming Chair
  • Respawn Specter
  • Big Joe Roma Chair
  • Homall High-Back Racing Chair
  • Respawn RSP-800

If you have read the above list, you will find that homall racing style ergonomic computer gaming chairs are one of the best budget gaming chairs.

How long can a gaming chair last?

Gaming chairs are well-structured and do not break down easily unless someone forcibly does it. On average, a gaming chair can give service up to two to three years.

But if you use it carefully, then you will take it with you for up to five years. Best Gaming chairs with speakers are the most sturdy and durable ones compared to any ergonomic chairs in the market.

What is special about a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs have a long backrest compared to office chairs. This is the main and basic difference that makes a gaming chair a special type of chair. Normally, after playing for a long time, your shoulder will start paining.

So to relax your shoulders, these chairs are made so. Nowadays, most companies, including the banks, do their office jobs using a gaming chair. But different categories of chairs are made based on various types of work.

Thus for office work, there are some unique office chairs that are best compared to the gaming ones.

Are gaming chairs good for your back?

If any types of chairs are available to provide a good back support the gaming chairs are the only one you are looking forward to. Normally, the backrest of a gaming chair is made long and wide.

It helps to keep your shoulder in a relaxed state after working straight for a long time. All chairs are not suitable for your back except the gaming chairs. So, yes gaming chairs are good for your back.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, it’s your choice to select your own preferable choices in purchasing a gaming hair. From this homall gaming chair review article, you have learned about different features of this product.

For the newbies, it will be helpful if you buy this gaming chair. It is a very budget-friendly gaming chair with lots of built-in features. As you have known that gaming chairs remove your body stress, it will be the best decision to choose homall as an ergonomic gaming chair.

It is not only for the gamers but also for the students and the employers who spend most of their time in front of a laptop. So, remove your confusion regarding the purchase of your gaming chair by reading our article.

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