Mid Back Vs High Back Chair- Which One Go For Back Pain Relief?

A famous quote says, “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” If you have experience with something, any task will be easy for you. However, you won’t get enough support from your experience while choosing a complex product such as a chair.

Most of the time, you may get confused with mid-back vs high-back chairs. Which one is to choose according to your height, comfort and budget? The more you research about it, the more things you’ll learn. Usually, a high back chair has been used as a back pain reliever. Again, you can’t deny the utility of a mid-back chair. Does it make you confused? Right.

Do not worry; we are here to give you tips and advice on choosing the right ergonomic chair to improve your business life.

Major Comparison Between Mid Back Vs High Back Chair

Several kinds of differences lay behind these two chairs; both physical appearances are the main of them. A high-back chair has a taller backrest. Also, it comes with a neck pad or head support. On the contrary, a mid-back chair is only made to give you headrest or neck support.

At this point, let’s have a look at the key features of these two chairs.

FeaturesMid Back ChairHigh Back Chair
Primary PurposeIt doesn’t support the neck and shoulders.It gives you full lumbar support.
Better Fit Forlimited workplaceAll kinds of workplaces as well as home.
Design VariationsPadded seat and backReclining head adjustment for best comfort
MaterialsBamboo, vinyl, stone, suede etc.Textile, foam, plastic, metal etc.
Measurement Of Headrest Height26″ Inches to fit the 95th percentile man16-20 Inches
Price Ranges$95-100$200-300

Reason For Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), there are thousands of reasons behind your back pain. Bad sitting or lousy posture are significant points from them. Perhaps, the below lists are also responsible for your unbearable back pain.

  • Excessive stress,
  • Arthritis,
  • A continuous heavy lifting,
  • Childbirth for women,
  • A structural pain such as ruptured, bulging, sciatica,
  • Kidney problem,
  • Osteoporosis, etc.

A perfect chair can save you from these issues. That is why you must choose a suitable one. You must feel the need to learn more about mid back vs high back chairs now.

Advantages To Opt For Mid Back Chair

The mid-back office chair has many fabulous features. You can’t worth it anyway. Most of the mid-back chairs come with a stunning outlook. It has a backrest that is slightly lower than your shoulders.

Some other vital features of the mid-back chair are:

Necessary Support For The Back And Spine

The mid-back chair works as the best supporter while you’re sitting on it. What if you’re spending more time in the office hour? All of a sudden, your back and spine will start to hurt badly. Most office lower height chairs come with a soft padded seat and back to ensure the best comfort. Identically, this chair is best for tighter workplaces and allowing a person to move freely from one place to another.

Having An Adjustable feature

In the first place, this chair has pneumatic controls. This feature will help you to control the chair seat- raising and lowering. Besides, the tilt mechanism of this chair is great. It contains a tilt knob for adjusting the chair’s motion. You will find all its things very easy to do.

Upholstered In Bonded Leather

The backrest of this chair is just vain. The manufacture of this chair is great with a padded backrest. The seat of a chair is made with a nylon finish and a sling of curved nylon armrests for added comfort.

Rolling Caster Wheels

A mid-back chair is a good option when you use it for a short spell. You can set it on a sturdy 5-point base. Also, you can enjoy smooth mobility with the chairs with durable rolling caster wheels.

Benefits Of Using Mid-back chair (Highlights)

  • It’s available in different designs, including ergonomic, ribbon, metal.
  • This chair gives you complete freedom to move to and fro.
  • In addition, it’s a suitable chair for all kinds of flexible workstations.
  • A user/buyer will get a lot of options when it comes to colours.
  • Furthermore, these mid-back chairs come in both mesh and leather finish.

Advantages To Opt For High Back Chair

A high back chair is a comfortable one. This is because of its taller backrest to support all your back from the neck. When it comes to outlook, the high-back chair is more prominent than the mid-back chair.

It is a standard quality chair that gives you the best support on your busy days. After all, we need more energy and comfort to strengthen our working stamina. Now it’s time to bathe under the features of the High back chair.

Top Quality PU leather Finish

The high-back chair is entirely different from the mid-back chair. The physical appearance of this chair gives you a good vibe. Its glaring leather finish makes it more adorable and adjacent to your office.

Again, washing the numeric leather of the chair is easier. You can wash them regularly. You will get five years to guarantee for these backs. It’s a blessing in disguise. The PU leather will not peel or crack.

Durable Metal Frame With Anti-corrosive Coating

The most important feature of a high back chair is its durability. These chairs are generally made of an anti-corrosive coating. Thus, the metal frame becomes more durable and flexible. It also helps to enhance the strengthening of these chairs. The product will be less breakable and gives you the certainty of a nest egg. It is also covered with high density, cold, cured foam padding. It helps to make it extra durable.

3D Armrests with an Adjustable Direction

The high back chair is fantastic for patented AKR racing design armrests. The armrest of the chair was manufactured with an exclusive foam mix and cushioning support so that you can keep your hand there comfortably. A user can adjust the chair in three directions such as; up, down, back, and forth. You can rotate the armrest according to your wish.

100% Cold Cured Foam Padding

You can enjoy 100% cold cured foam padding with the high back chair. Furthermore, these chairs come with a very soft and supportive pad which provides outstanding long term comfort and performance. Some brands insisted on their best quality upholstery as a premium auto manufacturer.

Excellent Option For Backaches Sufferer

A high back chair not only gives you sufficient comfort but also ensures your health benefits. Most high back chairs offer you intense support, even if you’re slightly taller and don’t feel comfortable sitting on a low back chair. Not to mention, it is an excellent option for those who suffer from backaches or shoulder pain.

Ergonomic Human Curved Support

It’s also an essential factor to ensure the curved support before buying any chair. The high back chair creates total spinal support. So that you can move with postures to hold your spine perfectly, it will ease pressure and pain on your back for everyday use.

Benefits Of Using High back chair (Highlights)

  • The availability of this chair helps to sit straight for more than 8-12 hours.
  • Reclining systems of the high back chair ensure your relaxation while you’re getting tired from sitting straight on the chair.
  • It has emitted the chances of suffering from the issue of reclining.
  • It offers its user complete upper and lower back support.
  • Furthermore, it will ensure extended comfort for long-time work.

In like manner, it is an important matter that your height is an essential factor before purchasing any chair. Most of the high back chairs will come off comprehensive support and a taller headrest. So that shorter people can easily sit on it with confidence. In the same fashion/way, high back chairs are well-engineered with an ultimate gas lift footrest support. You can modify the height of the chair according to your need. Getting the best office chair for short people may be your best bet.

The Fact You Should Use A Mid Back Chair

We will attach below the characteristics that we have mentioned here to highlights the reason mid-back chairs are excellent,

  • First, they are handy for short and medium-length sitting.
  • Second, recommended for spatially challenging areas and office cubicles.
  • Third, it is good for decorating a minimalist room design.
  • Suitable to use for conference rooms.

The Fact You Should Use A High Back Chair

You must pick a high back chair if you,

  • Spend long periods sitting on a chair,
  • Often suffer from neck pain when seated,
  • Have a very spacious office,
  • Like to lean back and recline while getting tired,
  • I wish to project a sense of influence and efficiency.

It’s equally essential to purchase the chair that meets up your budget. Again, not all expensive things are to give assurance of their quality. You can buy the best quality product under a medium-high range. For this, you can pay a visit to the best office chairs under $300.

Three Best Product Recommendation For Mid back Vs High Back chair

Mid Back ChairHigh Back Chair
ORVEAY height adjustable chair– best for lumbar supportAmazon high back chair- best go on office computer desk
Serta Office motion chair– best for executive officeFDW armrest lumbar support back adjustable chair- having the best breathable mesh seat.
Flash furniture white leather chair– best for comfortable sitting.Hbada recing style chair– Best for executive

Final Wrap

When choosing between a mid-back vs high back chair, the crucial thing you need to determine is its purpose.

Once you have drawn out this, you can uniquely tell which one suits your needs. Together with, choosing a chair might affect your body size.

Finding a chair with lower and excellent back support is a good idea.

So, it’s time to turn a blind eye and find the best chair for your office and home. Many physical associates claimed that a perfect shape and chair is a motto of your spinal relaxation. We think the task of finding the best chair for you, just like a variety, is the spice of life. Let us know what you like asap. The ball is in your court.

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