Best Serta Office Chair Review: Most Comfy & Suitable Deal For You!

Are you an office worker? Do you spend half of your day in a chair, and now your back muscles are stressed? Do you want a chair to share your stress and give you some relief? If yes, then don’t worry, this article is made for you; because, in this article, we will discuss the Best Serta Office Chair available in 2020!

Indeed working hours and hours in the desk and chair is pretty tiring. If you spend 5 to 6 hours in a chair without changing your posture, your waist and back muscles will be naturally stressed. Moreover, if the chair is not comfy enough, it will become more problematic for you! But don’t worry, we totally understand what you are facing! That’s why we have come up with Serta Big And Tall Office Chairs to provide you a comfortable working environment.

The brand, Serta, has always aimed to make your life comfortable. Serta chairs are designed ergonomically, so they are not only stylish but also comfortable. This article will provide Serta Office Chair Reviews, which will give you an overall idea about the brand. So, read the items thoroughly and choose the chair you are looking for!

Best Serta Office Chairs: Bring Comfort Within A Reasonable Price!

Serta is a world-class mattress manufacturer that has grown in the US and now acts as a top-class office furnishing company. It aims to provide the style and comfort you need. It has been working on improving people’s lives since 1931. In recent, Serta has come up with many office chairs to furnish your office and make it modern as well as comfy.

Serta office chairs are readily moveable, comes with a high back and lumbar support. They are designed while keeping your health and wellness in mind. Let’s check out it’s best products for further details!

Serta Air Health And Wellness Executive Office Chair:

Serta has come up with a modern executive office chair with air technology to support your movement all day long. These chairs come with padded lumbar support, headrest along with flexible lumber zone for a tranquil sitting experience. Serta Executive Officer Chair is so stylish and adjustable that you can use it in your home too.

Manufacturing Details:

Serta air health executive office chair is specially manufactured by air lumbar cushions. The lumbar zone is built to flex according to your posture change. For its unique air lumber technology, it is also known as The Best Serta Air Lumber Manager Chair.

The Ergonomic bonded leather and contrast stitching make this chair stylish and modern. Also, the body cushions are multi-layered and soft to provide you a serene feeling. Moreover, the materials used in production are ecologically safe.


  • This chair is designed ergonomically with a layered body and padded armrest.
  • The inner sitting area is vast (almost 19″) to provide you the space you need.
  • The air-filled lumber zone reduces waist fatigue and promotes blood circulation.
  • Serta iComfort chair pivots with your posture and movement.
  • High quality bonded leather covers the wooden frame and gives your workspace a charming look.
  • Also, the chair edges reduce pressure on muscle so that you can work peacefully for long periods.
  • The bonded leather is soft, breathable, and aims to be comfortable, smooth, and supportive.
  • The gas lift enables recline technology so you can lean back easily by adjusting the lever.
  • Dual swivel wheels deliver high mobility.
  • The item is 38.9 pounds, and the maximum weight preference is 250lb.

  • 100% mobility in all directions.
  • Comfort and tranquillity all day.
  • Adjustable features, such as – elevated headrest, adjustable height, recline technology, etc.l
  • Manufactured with Eco-friendly materials.
  • Has come with only a 1-year warranty on cushions and pillows.
  • It’s weighing capacity is kind of average. Other competitors are more weight-bearing.

Serta Big And Tall Executive Office Chair:

If you are looking for a Big And Tall Office Chair, you can check out this chair for your workplace. Because the company has primarily provided high and wide back with lumbar support in this item. Also, it has a generous sitting area for long day comfort.

Manufacturing Details:

Serta Big & Tall Office Chair is spacious and comfortable for not only your office work but also for relaxation. Soft and smooth upholstered faux leather covers the chair. Also, the company has provided soft and ergo layered pillows for a better experience. Adjustable height, armrest, footrest, and headrest make the product efficient for multiple usages. Moreover, all materials used here are commercial grade components to ensure long term durability.


  • Dual, multi-surface rollers provide smooth mobility.
  • The chair is only 1lb and can bear more than 300lb.
  • You can adjust seat height(45.75 – 49.5) according to your preference.
  • Also, this executive chair has a contoured lumbar cushion to offer you exceptional lower back support.
  • It is specially designed for people with wide & large body frames.
  • You also can elevate the headrest to ease your cervical region. It is a unique feature, particularly for tall individuals.
  • Padded body, armrest, and multiple positioning angles make the chair usable during multitasking. You can recline the chair and get a comfy position for napping or reading.
  • The company has offered deep layered cushions intents to provide 100% comfort during intense office hours.
  • Furthermore, this chair has an adjustable footrest with scuff resistance. So, you don’t have to worry about the scuff mark on the leather pad.

  • Enormous inner pace (almost 22″) and high back (25.75”)
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: Greater than 350lb.
  • The lumbar zone, elevated headrest, and armrest are adjustable.
  • Footpads with scuff mark resistance.
  • Only comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

Serta Leighton Office Chair:

Serta has designed this Leighton Office Chair so attractively that it suits your office as well as your home. So, you can use it in a modern office, home office, conference tables, and even in your drawing room. Twill fabric and durable stainless base give the chair an aesthetic look. Also, the chair is not only charming but also provides eminent ‘Serta Comfort.’ And you can get all these facilities at only $160. Thus, this can be the best chair for those who want a functional office chair without decreasing the interior’s aesthetics and looks.

Manufacturing Details:

The company has invested a lot to make the Serta Office chair cozy and comfy. It stands on a stainless 5 pointed base and swivel wheels. Memory foam and Twill fabric cover the entire chair to provide all-day comfort. This chair is a premium piece that can also be used in modern farmhouses.


  • The rolling casters used here are very smooth and can be rolled around 360° in any direction. So, the chair is easily moveable and portable.
  • This item is only 38 pounds.
  • Nicely textured Twill fabric wraps the entire frame, and memory foam serves the comfort you are looking for!
  • Reduces your muscle stress and gives you a relaxing posture when you are working or leaning back.

  • The adjustable height of the chair ensures that you can perform your work at the preferred peak. Thus, it can be the Best Serta Desk Chair you want to buy.
  • This chair is easy to assemble, and all needed equipment is provided within the box. All you need to do is – follow the instructions, and your office chair will be ready!
  • Stylish and comes with modern elegance.
  • Trouble-free assembling process.
  • Comfort by soft memory foam, cushions, and pocket coils.
  • Quick mobility by swivel casters.
  • It doesn’t support recline technology or lumbar support.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair With Motion Technology:

Serta is a brand that is renowned for its iconic comfort. It is said to be the pioneer in producing comfy furniture for both homes and offices. Also, Serta has an innovative production group, which tends to make your lives more comfortable and cozy.

In recent days, Serta has come with a new motion technology to take this comfort to a new level. This Serta office chair is designed ergonomically with black bonded leather. Thus, it brings a premium feeling in your room or works place, along with comfort.

Manufacturing Details:

The company has manufactured this chair to provide maximum comfort in a mid-back chair. Unique motion technology is included here to ensure full support to your lower back, waist, and spine. It is specially designed for those who need to work for long periods. The whole chair frame is wrapped by smooth bonded leather and deeply layered cushions. All elements used here are quality components and eco-friendly. Also, you are getting all of these benefits at once by only $259. As Serta Mid Back Office Chair satisfies all your preferences, you must check out this item. Because it can be the Best Serta Office Chair, you are interested in!


  • Ergonomic Mid Back Office Chair comes with lower back and lumbar support to ease your back pain.
  • You can adjust armrests from 26.75” – 28.5” according to your requirements.
  • Height adjustment & arm adjustment options enable personal customization.
  • The maximum weight bearing ability is 250lb.
  • Whenever you lean backward, the motion technology activates and provides outstanding support to your lower back, and the padded headrest supports your neck and cervical area.

  • Lumber cushions and leathered seats are fixed together and reduce spinal fatigue. It influences pelvic flexibility and spinal movements.
  • The chair supports back all day either you are working or relaxing. Also, it is specially designed for work during long, intense hours.
  • Multi-layered deep ergo cushions are supportive and make you efficient.
  • Moreover, this chair is easy to assemble, comfortable, and supportive.

  • Motion technology supports the lower back.
  • Suitable for long day usage.
  • Improves your efficiency and reduces waist fatigue.
  • Waterfall seating technology reduces leg pressure and relaxes your body.
  • This mid-back chair is comparatively heavy (51.4lb) than its competitors.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair With Adjustable Padded Arms:

This Serta chair is manufactured Ergonomically with soft and durable Faux leather. Also, it has an adjustable padded armrest and lumbar support to ease your stress. It is so efficient that it can be used for gaming or programming other than office works.

Manufacturing Details:

Serta Executive Office Chair is specially manufactured for prolonged working sessions or intense gaming. Ergonomic Beige Faux leather covers the chair’s frame, and breathable mesh fabric keeps you calm and relaxed. Also, it comes with a soft headrest and neck support along with adjustable armrests for elbow’s ease. Thus, we can assume that it is manufactured to provide the utmost comfort in an executive chair, and you are getting these deluxe features at only $147.


  • The ergonomic executive office chair is designed after race-car designs. This premium looking chair will enhance your room’s elegance.
  • Smooth, multi-surface, swivel dual rollers maintain its movement and vitality.
  • The inner portion of the chair is quite broad, almost 19.75”.
  • The item weighs only 39.1 lb
  • Its contoured lumbar region enhances customization options, and you can use the chair for relaxation after long working hours.
  • It offers multi-layered soft cushions to provide enough comfort to your back and lumbar areas. Serta Smart Layer Chairs works as stress relievers for your lower back muscles and reduces back pain.
  • The smooth mesh back and high-quality breathable leather keeps your muscles calm and relaxed.
  • The armrest is adjustable and padded. So, you can adjust the armrest according to your posture.
  • Seat edges reduce pressure over your legs and enhance circulation.
  • You can adjust the chair’s height from 40.5” to 44.”
  • The executed is suitable for individuals up to 250lb.
  • Also, the footpads are incredibly resistant to scuff marks to safeguard the glossy platinum finish.

  • Faux leather is smooth and breathable.
  • Multi-layer pillows make the sitting comfy.
  • Relieves your back, lumbar and cervical region.
  • Multiple options for customization.
  • A padded armrest relaxes the elbow joint.
  • Scuff Resistant technology is included in footpads.
  • Offers only 1-year warranty.

Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair:

Serta office chairs promise high quality, comfort, and looks at once. If you want an office chair with vibrant colors and a unique look at an affordable price, this chair might be for you!

The Serta Hannah Microfiber office chair is designed ergonomically and wrapped with soft and durable beige microfibers. Also, its vibrant colors give your office a homey feeling. The fabric is very smooth, and plush layered body cushions add more to the comfort. Moreover, you are getting this chair at only $132, which is comparatively very cheap.

Manufacturing details:

Serta has been working on producing comfy products for more than 75 years. This chair is designed to provide 100% comfort to your body during prolonged sitting periods. The entire chair frame is covered by upholstered microfiber fabric to offer a smooth finish. Also, the adjustable armrest, headsets, and pillows make the sitting space comfortable for you!


  • 360° rotatable dual rollers make your movement easier in your surrounding workspace.
  • This item is of average weight(34.5lb).
  • The pneumatic gas cylinder acts as a lever and adjusts heights just by simple flicks. So, you can change the size easily from 40.25” to 44”.
  • The same handle also activates the recline technology to use the chair for relaxation or napping.
  • Also, there is a recline resistance screw under the chair for angle lock, so that you can sleep in peace in your office/living room.
  • The company has provided adjustable headrest to be supportive to your head and neck.
  • Hand sculptured armrests reduce the stress of elbow joint, wrist, and arm.

  • Indeed, it is value for money product.
  • Soft fabric and deeply layered pillows enhance comfort.
  • Adjustable height, armrests, and recline mechanisms enable multitasking.
  • Improves efficiency.
  • Provides exceptional support to lumbar and pelvic muscles.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Limited 1-year warranty from Serta.

Serta Executive Adjustable Ergonomic Office/Computer Chair:

The brand, Serta, has always tried to satisfy the customers’ worldwide by their comfy furnishings products. This tradition is in progress since 1931. In recent days, Serta has brought an adjustable office chair with executive and ergonomic accent. This item is not only comfy but also presents a premium appearance. Moreover, it is within your budget. So, check the product thoroughly because it can be The best Serta Computer Chair you need!

Manufacturing Details:

This ergonomic computer chair is layered with supple bonded leather and contrast stitching. This exclusive design will undoubtedly enhance the outlook of your living room/office. The company has provided luxurious body pillows and contoured lumbar panel to ease your workload by increasing your concentration. Also, a padded footrest and adjustable armrests are attached to it.


  • This desk chair stands on a durable painted base, which can bear a maximum of 250lb.
  • The inner space for sitting is more than average, around 19.75 inches. So, you won’t face tightness.
  • The height of the chair and armrest is adjustable. The armrest is padded with bonded leather for comfort to the forearm, arm, and elbow.
  • Waterfall edges will reduce leg stress and fatigue.
  • The tilt knob will activate angle locks, so you will get your preferred posture.
  • Layered pillows, contoured lumbar zone supports your spinal column, waist, and pelvic muscles.
  • The assembling process is trouble-free.
  • The tilting handle provides optimal sitting performance.
  • Soft, smart layered cushions are included for 100% comfort.
  • Footpads come with scuff resistance for reliable usage.
  • Weighing capacity is comparatively low.

Serta Big And Tall Executive Office Chair With Wood Accents:

The famous furnishing company, Serta, has a thickly layered chair for workspace/ computer desk, designed in Ergonomic style. Also, the chestnut brown color of the chair will fill your room with a premium feel. Significantly, this chair is manufactured for big and tall individuals. All adjustability options offer you to sit in the right position you prefer. Because of its recline mechanism and premium look, you can use it in your workspace or home.

Manufacturing Details:

This big and tall Serta office chair offers a larger space with all the comfort you need. The company has produced high-quality, soft, brown leather, and smart layer body pillows. The body cushions are multi-layered, deep, and so that they can be termed as one of the Best Serta Smart Layer Chairs.

Besides, all components used in manufacturing are high graded materials. Thus, the chair will be tough and durable and will be able to endure heavy usage.


  • It stands on a wood accent and moves quickly by smooth dual casters.
  • The chair offers a high back to support tall people with larger body frames. Also, it’s height is very adjustable ( 43 – 47 inch)
  • You can recline the chair by flicking the handle and unlock the infinite locking mechanism. By opening this feature, you can choose the position you prefer. It enables you to sleep, read, or relax other than work.
  • Deep ergo layered body pillows ease your muscles, support your back, and provide a tranquil sitting experience.
  • You can adjust the lumbar panels as per your requirements, and the chair will support your lower back and waist for more extended periods.
  • The company has offered padded armrest with a classy espresso finish to ease the wrist, forearm, and elbow.

  • Large Inner Space (21.5 inches)
  • The adjustable lumbar mechanism highly supports the lower back.
  • Tilt and infinity locking functions are praiseworthy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • This chair is a little heavy (46.8lb)
  • The company didn’t provide any foot resting pad.

Image Product Details   Price
Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair High Back Ergonomic for Lumbar Support Task Swivel.. Available color: Gray, Light Gray, Bonded Leather Black, Comfortable Cream
Check Price
Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair High Back All Day Comfort Ergonomic Lumbar Support… Available color: Black, Brown Check Price
Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Motion Technology, Adjustable Mid Back Desk Chair with Lumbar Support… Available color: Black Bonded Leather, Brown Bonded Leather, Gray Bonded Leather, Light Gray Fabric Check Price
Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest Pillow, Adjustable Ergonomic with Lumbar Support… Available color: Beige, Beige/Silver, Black, Black/Grey, Brown, Charcoal Grey, Grey/Silver, Light Beige Check Price

Office chairs are an essential need for workers. Comfy and cozy office chairs enhance your concentration and improve your performance. It influences your posture and keeps your back relaxed. The brand Serta has come into the market while maintaining all these promises. Serta office chairs Warranty quality and comfort at once! As you have come across this article, you are maybe interested in this brand or want a cozy chair for your workplace.

So, this article is an ultimate guide for you as we have reviewed The Best Serta Office Chairs available on Amazon. Serta Office Chairs supports your back and pelvic region and warranties a better posture. Your prolonged sitting experience will be tranquilized by using lumbar air pillows, lumbar support, and motion technology. Serta is a renowned brand worldwide, so whatever you choose will be worth it, and you won’t be disappointed. So don’t worry anymore and choose the best chair for you!

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