How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Weigh?

Many people around us are physically disabled or injured. Because of their disability, sometimes they feel ignored or less confident in their daily life. They certainly don’t want to depend on anyone, yet they need assistance for their physical condition. Electric wheelchairs are incredible equipment that will make them independent, and they won’t think of themselves as a burden to anyone. You want to purchase a wheelchair but are you wondering about – How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Weigh?

It’s a common question among the customers who want to purchase an electric wheelchair for the first time. Well, don’t worry as you have come across the right article you were searching for all this time.

As power wheelchairs are operated by motor/ battery, you think it might be very heavy or troublesome to transport. Well, it’s not the case. There are multiple types of wheelchairs in the market, and their weight varies depending on their purposes. Some electric wheelchairs are designed for traveling. Even though they have motor, they are comparatively lighter than others. Some wheelchairs are manufactured with heavy-duty materials. They become quite heavy. So, we can assume that its weight is not a constant thing.

Also, Electric wheelchairs come with a joystick, so a patient/elderly can easily control it without depending on others. It will overpower their confidence, as well. This article has broadly discussed the electric wheelchairs and their weights to have a clear view before purchasing. Go ahead; read this article properly and choose the electric wheelchair you need for you or your loved ones.

How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Weigh?

All renowned brands mostly use the same technologies while manufacturing an electric wheelchair. But depending on their purposes and materials, the weights vary to a large extent. So, before buying a wheelchair, at first, you have to be sure of your need. Chair accessories increase its weight, like – rear mirrors, pouch, bigger rear wheels, etc. Consider wheelchair’s weight before purchasing; are you able to handle it? If you want a wheelchair for traveling, you should go with the ones that mainly are – Lightweight and foldable. If you want a wheelchair for better mobility and home-usage, you can choose the electric ones.

At first, Let’s have a fair idea about electric wheelchairs.

What is an electric wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair is a chair operated by a power supply unit situated at the chair’s bottom. Battery, motor, brakes, and wire harness together form this power supply unit.

An electric wheelchair is quite a lot different than manual ones. In most cases, manual wheelchairs need to be operated by caregivers. But Joystick of electric wheelchair enables the user to roam as per his wish. He can control his movements and direction without depending on anyone. Moreover, these electric chairs support smart seating technology, including height adjustments, recliners, and contoured seating. So, a patient can rest or nap in their chair other than having assistance in their maneuverability.

Mostly, manual wheelchairs are quite broad and don’t support contoured seating. Certainly, most manual wheelchairs are lighter than electric ones. Hence, if you need a chair for independent mobility, electric wheelchairs will be the best option for you!

Weight Of An Electric wheelchair:

Whenever you think of purchasing an electric wheelchair, a massive battery comes into your imagination. And you begin wondering –

Will it be too heavy? How much does an electric wheelchair weigh? Will it be suitable for me?

Neither every electric wheelchair will be heavy, nor every one of them includes a massive battery.

Lightweight electric wheelchairs are lighter than massive ones.

  • A manual wheelchair weighs around 15 lbs to 30 lbs.
  • An electric wheelchair’s weight range is from 50 lbs to 250 lbs.
  • An average traveling chair weighs around 100 – 150lbs.
  • Massive wheelchairs weigh between 350 lbs to 400 lbs.

As you can see, there is a huge variation in its weight. Lightweight electric wheelchairs are transportable. Massive wheelchairs ensure heavy-duty materials and are mainly featured for mobility and home-usage. As a result, they are a lot heavier than usual ones. They are quite hard to carry or transport.

However, some people still prefer massive chairs because of their superior durability and comfort. Powerful batteries are certainly heavy, but their charge can last for longer periods. Wheelchairs with high back become heavier and exclusive; thick foams increase weights too. But high back and high-quality thick foams ensure Ergonomic comfort. Thus, massive heavy chairs have their purpose too. So, what you will choose is totally up to your preference and purpose. For example – if you want a chair for traveling but choose a massive chair, it will be a waste of money and vice versa.

What Is The Ideal Weight Of A Wheelchair:

Now, you might be wondering about which one to choose? What’s the ideal weight of a wheelchair?

Well, we can’t answer it accurately as it’s a personal preference. But you can purchase an electric wheelchair which is not so heavy, not so light either. An average weight range will be from 100 lbs to 200 lbs. An electric wheelchair of this weight can support independent mobility features easily. Also, you might be able to enjoy other outstanding features too. As the chair not so heavy, it will be easier to handle than massive ones. You can carry it within your car during a trip.

Now the majority of our equipment is becoming small and light. People prefer luxury in the case of wheelchairs too. Certainly, you want your loved ones to be comfy in their posture. Also, you want them to enjoy the gathering with you. So you might choose the lightweight wheelchairs. But it should have other best features too.

Mostly manual ones can’t offer contoured comfort. With the increase in science and technology, even wheelchairs have become digital and smart. Nowadays, electric wheelchairs offer smart features and comfort. I prefer electric ones over lightweight manual chairs because they make movement safe, comfy, and independent.

Final Verdict:

In this modern time, every one of us is quite busy in our life. We mostly cannot take care of our injured, disabled, handicapped, or elderly with mobility issues. Let’s not make them feel dependent on others. From that thought, electric wheelchairs have come into the market. Before purchasing, you might be checking its weight and other details. That’s why we have discussed – How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Weigh. Now you need to determine what your purpose is. If you want an average wheelchair with self-propelled features, it would be best to buy an average weighted wheelchair ( 100 lbs -200lbs). It will include all the necessary accessories and specifications.

There are more lightweight electric wheelchairs, but they won’t be as comfy as heavy-duty or average ones. Added accessories, powerful battery, large wheels, motor, and others increase the chair’s weight. But if you want a chair, mainly for traveling, you should not purchase heavy ones rather go with lightweight transferable chairs. Thus, it Solely depends on your personal choice and purposes. I hope we were able to inform you of whatever you needed to know. Now get a wheelchair for you/your loved ones and have a safe journey!

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