Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchair: Make Your Life Easier!

A wheelchair is beneficial equipment for elderly or injured people. “I like traveling, but I’m not able to move much with this wheelchair. I can’t fold or transport it quickly!” – I believe this might be one of the biggest challenges you are facing right now, that’s you have clicked on this article. Indeed, we have come up with a solution for you! In this article, we have reviewed The Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, which will make your journey easier and comfortable!

Can’t believe us? Just scroll down below, and you will indeed find the most suitable wheelchair you were searching for. We have reviewed the ten best wheelchairs, which are lightweight, comfy, and easily portable. Also, their frameworks are durable and sturdy enough. So, you will experience multiple benefits in one wheelchair, indeed!

We always try to provide the service to you, so if you choose any of the recommended products, we can guarantee that you won’t regret it. So, choose the best item according to your requirements, and here you go!

10 Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchair For you!

In online/ offline market places, there are many products available. Choosing the best one is a hassle. Of course, you don’t want to purchase a wheelchair that won’t serve the purpose or won’t last long. That’s why we have come up with this ultimate list for you.

Image Title Details Price
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair and Handbrakes Folding Transport… Frame Color: Red,
Product Weight: 23.5lbs
Check Price
Drive Medical Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes… Frame Color: Blue, Red,
Product Weight: 19lbs
Check Price
Carex Transport Wheelchair Folding with Foot Rests… Frame Color: Blue,
Product Weight: 25lbs
Check Price

Drive Medical Aluminum Transport Chair 19 inches…
Frame Color: Black,
Product Weight: 19lbs
Check Price
Nova Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking HandBrakes… Frame Color: Black, Red, Purple, Blue,
Product Weight: 27lbs
Check Price
Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair… Frame Color: Black, Red, Blue,
Product Weight: 19.95lbs
Check Price
ProBasics – KTA1916SA-PK Aluminum Transport Wheelchair… Frame Color: Black, Burgundy, Blue, Pink,
Product Weight: 20lbs
Check Price
NOVA Bariatric Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes, Heavy Duty and Extra Wide Wheelchair… Frame Color: Red, Blue,
Product Weight: 27.75lbs
Check Price
ProBasics Aluminum Transport Wheelchair With 19″ Seat – Foldable Wheel Chair For Transporting… Frame Color: Black
Product Weight: 22lbs
Check Price
NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Removable & Flip Up Arms for Easy Transfer… Frame Color: Blue, Red,
Product Weight: 22.65lbs
Check Price

1. Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair:

Medline Transport Wheelchair is specially manufactured for traveling or transport. It makes the job easier for your caregivers because this wheelchair is much lighter than regular wheelchairs. You can also fold it quickly, so it is easily portable by car or to the stairs. Moreover, it has a unique handbrake feature, which allows you to block the back wheels while traveling. Thus, the chair will be 100% comfy and secure for you.


The company has manufactured The Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchair while keeping your wellness in mind! So, it can be the comfiest chair your loved ones need. Its structure and wheels are very durable, so you can obviously expect to have round indoor and outdoor environments. Also, it has adjustable footrest and wheel locks for a stable ride.

Moreover, you will get all these facilities at only $119.

  • It is designed with breathable nylon fabric, which makes the chair soft and comfy for your postures.
  • The chair is vast, almost 19 inches, so that it will ensure comfort for most people. As it maintains your posture, the chair will undoubtedly support your back, neck, and spine.
  • Mostly it is Lightweight (23.5lb) as well as foldable and can carry up to 350lb.
  • By using new handbrake features, your caregiver can quickly lock the rear wheels whenever necessary.
  • The rear wheels are large, almost 12 inches, so it will provide fantastic support on all surfaces.
  • Also, this adjustable wheelchair offers you to remove the footrest according to your requirements.
  • You should use the seatbelts to be safe while going through uneven grounds.
  • Lighter than manual wheelchairs.
  • Easy to store as it is foldable.
  • The aluminum frame and nylon upholstery àmakes the chair durable and comfy.
  • Handbrakes make the chair safe and easily controllable.
  • The removable footrest takes this wheelchair to a new level.
  • You need a caregiver to assist you. You can not operate this wheelchair yourself.

2. Drive Medical Lightweight Expedition Wheelchair:

Drive Medical Lightweight transport chair is an efficient wheelchair that is too light but can support up to 300lb. Also, the durable structure and adjustability make the wheelchair noteworthy. All these exciting features cost only $139. Thus, it is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs For Travelling.


There are many chair brands available in the market, but only ‘Drive Medical’ offers the most Lightweight (only 19lb) wheelchair in this segment. Even though it is very light, the framework is very durable and 100% safe. So, if you purchase it either indoor or outdoor usage, you won’t regret it indeed.

  • The rear wheels are 12 inches to ensure mobility and vitality on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Even being Lightweight, it can carry a maximal 300lb.
  • The blue aluminum frame provides the strength you need to have a safer ride.
  • The aluminum frame is wrapped with high-quality nylon for better comfort. And the seat back is almost 18 inches high to support your back, neck, and spine.
  • You can adjust the footrest height just by changing the screw according to your posture and comfort. But you at least need to keep the footrest 2 ½ inches from the floor to have a clean trip.
  • Also, your companion can easily pull the lever and store the chair after transport.
  • The wheel locking technology and seatbelts will make your trip safe and smart.
  • It supports Rear-wheel lock technology for proper control over the wheels.
  • It has adjustable footrests.
  • The folding process is very convenient.
  • Seat belts are provided for your security.
  • The chair is very durable and light (only 19lb)
  • Footrests are not removable.
  • Need a companion for assistance and wheel locks.

3. Carex Transport Wheelchair:

The brand, Carex, has come up with this new transport chair, which is comfy, lightweight, and foldable at once. So if you want to travel and store it afterward, this can be a fantastic choice for you. Moreover, this premium wheelchair costs only $79. Thus, it is the cheapest wheelchair with fascinating features!


Carex promises to provide you a better ride, whether you use it occasionally or on a daily basis. If you want to use it regularly, it should be comfy and durable enough. The brand Carex has kept in mind. So, even though the chair is cheap and lightweight, it has a stable aluminum structure. No other brand can offer you these much in this price range.

  • The seat is manufactured with high-quality nylon while the wheels are made up of PVC, which will support your ride all the way.
  • The aluminum frame provides the durability you need.
  • The rear wheels are 8 inches and ultimately support the handbrake locking system.
  • This ultra-lightweight chair (25 pounds) can suit people of 300lbs.
  • Nineteen inches wide seat will comfort you for prolonged periods either traveling or just coming back from the hospital after a check-up/surgery.
  • The retractable footrest is removable too.
  • This chair is entirely ready-made. So, you don’t need to be bothered about setting it up.
  • Nineteen inches seat is comfy enough to maintain your position all day long.
  • Footrests are removable.
  • Hand breaks are provided for better control.
  • The chair is Lightweight, easy to fold, and store.
  • Competitors have larger rear wheels.
  • A companion is needed to push the chair.

4. Drive Medical Aluminium Transport Chair:

Drive medical is a leading brand that promises to provide superior mobility and comfort for a prolonged period. This renowned brand overpowers you, unlike other brands available in the market. The Aluminium transport chair is ultra-light (19lb) yet quite sturdy and durable. Thus, it will serve your purpose accurately and will ease your day to day life.


The Aluminium transport chair is relatively light, foldable so you can quickly store or port them from one place to another. Thus, your elderly relative patients can travel with comfort in both indoor or outdoor environments. Also, you are getting all you need at only $130.

  • Nylon upholstery wraps and supports the ultra-light aluminum frame of the wheelchair.
  • Nineteen inches high back will maintain the straight position of your neck and spine.
  • Weight Capacity: Maximum 300lb.
  • Eight inches tires will maintain your vitality as well as maneuverability.
  • The chair’s width is 16.5 inches, so average guys can comfortably fit and rest in there.
  • Also, the wheelchair has a footrest so you can ease your knees and ankles.
  • The aluminum armrests are padded with nylon fabrics to ease your wrist and elbow joints. Thus, it is so comfy that the caregiver and the elderly will undoubtedly love it.
  • Moreover, the chair back has a hinge, which offers you to fold the chair quickly. So you can keep the chair in storage/ trunk or can easily transport through cars.
  • 8 Inch wheels are included for superior and stable mobility.
  • The company has provided adjustable seatbelts to ensure safety while riding.
  • It is ultra-light yet can carry more than an average chair (300 pounds).
  • Very durable.
  • The back lever offers easy folding.
  • It doesn’t have hand brakes or anti-trippers.
  • The footrest is not removable or adjustable.

5. Nova Lightweight Red Transport Chair:

Nova is a renowned brand in online/offline market places which has been working in your service since 1993. All of its products are manufactured with care to make your life easy and comfortable. While walking in this path, Nova has come up with this Lightweight foldable transport chair, which will take care of your loved ones during their check-up periods. It is specifically designed to provide the utmost comfort to patients, elderly, injured, or handicap patients. So, you can easily transport them, and they will enjoy a sound and stable ride. Moreover, the company has manufactured it with high-quality, durable materials. Thus, we assure you that you won’t regret purchasing it.


Nova foldable wheelchair is designed with comfy upholstered fabric And rubber wheels to ensure a safe and sound ride. Also, the red color gives off a stunning vibe. And this wheelchair comes with all the needed features at $292. Indeed it is not cheap, but it is The Best Lightweight Folding Wheelchair.

  • Nova has impressive hand brakes that your companion can operate efficiently while going through slopes, bumpy or uneven surfaces.
  • Twelve inches rear wheels support companion activated locking functions so that you can park the chair in every needed situation.
  • The rubber tires have anti- trippers for better performance and safety.
  • Also, it weighs only 27.1 pounds and can support healthy people (maximum 300 pounds).
  • You can easily remove the footrest and keep them out of your way when you want to stand up. Also, you can adjust the footplate’s height from 5″ to 9″.Thus you can rest in preferred posture as the footrest had added heel loops. Therefore, it is the best wheelchair with a leg rest pad.
  • The company has covered the aluminum armrests with upholstery to provide rest to your elbow and forearm. Also, you can flip them up whenever you need them. So, you can even use the wheelchair on the table/desk.
  • Also, you can easily fold the chair up quickly and keep it in your car/trunk. So, all these features have made traveling more comfortable.
  • Foldable and has an additional pouch to carry your belongings.
  • An adjustable belt will keep you safe throughout the journey.
  • It has a removable and adjustable footrest.
  • It also has retractable upholstered armrests for further comfort.
  • Anti-trippers and secondary locking systems on tires make your trip safe and secure.
  • Some competitors are lighter than this chair.
  • This chair is a little expensive than it’s competitors. But its features are worthy of it.

6. Drive Medical Fly Lite Transport Chair:

The famous brand drive medical has brought another ultralight wheelchair in front of us, which is easily portable and foldable according to preference. Along with other features, it is comparatively cheap yet durable. Yes, you heard it right! You can get it at only $97. If you have a low budget yet want a perfect chair for your loved ones, you must check it out because it is one of the cheapest wheelchairs available in the market.


Drive Medical has tried to provide all the necessary facilities while keeping the price low. So, it is certainly a value for money material. As it is a branded product, you don’t need to be concerned about manufacturing materials. The company has produced it with their complete care.

  • The Aluminium blue frame is exceptionally durable and long-lasting.
  • The back of the chair is 17 inches high to maintain your straight posture.
  • The seat is quite broad, almost 18.75” (in between armrest), so guys with a wide-body frame can easily fit in there.
  • This fly Lite chair is ultra-light, almost 17lb. But can carry heavy patients (300lb) with efficiency.
  • Front wheels are 6 inches, and rear wheels are 8 inches. This aluminum frame chair also supports rear wheel locks.
  • Also, a handy pouch and seatbelts are added for additional safety.
  • Also, the chair is very adjustable, and you can customize the footrest according to your choice. You can adjust the height or swing it away whenever necessary.
  • Fold the back quickly after usage in the store or during transportation.
  • The company has provided wheel locks for better safety and parking.
  • Easy back folding mechanism.
  • It has an adjustable seatbelt and back pouch.
  • Height adjustable footrests are also included for extra comfort.
  • Large Rear wheels are provided in some competitors.
  • It doesn’t have any hand brakes.

7. Pro Basics Aluminum Transport Wheelchair:

You want to travel, but your injury is restricting you from going out. But no issue, Pro Basic has come up with a lightweight wheelchair that is highly portable & transferable. You can fold the chair in some mini seconds. Also, the rubber tires are durable and sturdy for outdoor terrains. And you can enjoy this smooth ride at only $143.


The brand Pro Basic has gathered all needed features in a suitable price range for you. As it is highly recommended for roaming, traveling, and comfy ride, you should think about this fantastic item.

  • The durable aluminum structure is wrapped by high-quality nylon upholstery. This chair is extensive (almost 19″) to provide your sitting space.
  • Your caregiver will have a comfortable grip on the padded handles and hand brakes as they are manufactured Ergonomically. The hand brakes will lock 12” rear wheels to ensure your safety & to prevent unwanted accidents. Also, the wheels are specially designed so they won’t leave any scuff marks on the floor.
  • You can easily swing away from the Footrests or remove them according to your preference.
  • Padded handles and 16 inches backrest provides extra comfort during prolonged sitting periods.
  • Twenty-two pounds wheelchair can support patients of 300 pounds.
  • By using the Back-release lever, you can make the chair flat within seconds. After folding, it will be 10.25 inches wide. So, you can easily store in a trunk or can travel with it in peace.
  • Fold it just by pulling the back hinge.
  • Twelve inches rear wheels can be locked easily by your companion.
  • Ergonomic support is provided in the handles for caregivers.
  • Footrests are adjustable and removable. The Loop heel feature is included with it.
  • Adjustable seatbelts are provided for security purposes.
  • Extra pouch or bag is not provided with the chair.
  • Certainly, you need a companion to assist you.

8. Nova Bariatric Transport Chair:

Here comes another fantastic product of Nova, which will ensure quality, safety, and comfort together. Nova Transport Wheelchairs have always fulfilled people’s expectations. This Bariatric transport chair is not any exception.

This stunning red chair brings hand brakes, adjustable seatbelts, anti-trippers to ensure maximum stability and safety. Also, its robust frame can carry 400 lb. No other chair out there can offer this much weighing capacity.

As it is a premium chair with all the special features, it cost little more than usual lightweight chairs, almost $ 332. But if you are looking for a heavy-duty premium wheelchair, you must check it out for your loved ones!


  • The company has provided 12 inches back wheel with anti- trippers so that you can ride with comfort and stability.
  • You can adjust the seatbelt around 41”, so your ride will be safe and sound.
  • The seat is extra wide, almost 22 inches, to be suitable for healthy older adults.
  • The extra high back will support your neck and shoulder as well.
  • You can pull up the armrest or push it down according to the requirements. So, you can even use it on the dining or study table.
  • Fold the back and easily transport the chair through the car from one place to another.
  • Swing away or remove the skid footplate so that you can stand still with zero interference.
  • Ultra-wide seat (22”) and high back(20”)
  • It has a high bearing capacity (maximum 400lb).
  • Nova’s special hand break will allow your companion to maintain speed and mobility.
  • Rear-wheel locks are included.
  • It also has an Adjustable footrest with heel loops to keep your feet in the right place.
  • Little heavier than competitors (27lb).
  • A little bit expensive.

9. ProBasics Aluminum Transport Wheelchair With 19 Inch Seat:

Here comes another budget chair of Pro basics, which offers comfort, stability, and superior mobility in one place. It also has an aluminum hinge to fold down the chair for traveling quickly. And you are getting all benefits by paying only $97. If you are up for cheap wheelchairs, check this item and order it now!


  • 19.75” wide nylon fabric covers the seat, back, and seat belt to ensure 100% comfort while riding.
  • Pushing locking functions will lock the rear wheels during parking, transport, or while going through rocky roads or uneven terrain. It will also prevent rolling or unwanted accidents on sloppy roads.
  • Your companion will have an adequate grip on handles because of Ergonomic designs.
  • It can carry patients up to 300lb even though it weighs only 20lb.
  • Once you fold it up by pulling the back hinge, it will become only 9 inches wide. So, traveling with it will be a piece of cake now.
  • Footplates are highly adjustable according to your height. Also, you can ease your ankles by keeping your feet properly on heel loops.
  • Companion supported Push to lock rear wheels.
  • The company has included an Adjustable footrest with a heel loop.
  • Easily portable.
  • It has a permanent padded armrest to ease the stress of arms and elbows.
  • It supports the back hinge folding technique.
  • The company didn’t include a hand break in this item.

10. NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Removable & Flip Up Arms for Easy Transfer:

The famous brand Nova is working in your service for the last 27 years. It has always intended to improve people’s lives by producing the best medical products. Thus, the company has invented Nova Transport Chair to ease the elderly, patients, or disabled people.

Nova offers all the exciting features you prefer in one wheelchair. As it has flipped arms and adjustable footpads, you can use it for various purposes other than roaming/traveling. And the blue color spreads a relaxed aura. Also, it will cost you only $245. So, it will undoubtedly be an attractive deal you might prefer.


Nova wheelchairs have many unique features such as – companion activated locking technology, removable anti- trippers, and retractable upholstered arms, which will ensure 100% comfort and safety at once!

  • The 8 inches wheels are manufactured of high-quality rubber to provide a smooth and stable ride from the hospital to your home.
  • Also, the hand brakes allow the rear lock to park or slow down the wheels while going down.
  • As it is light in weight, you can easily lift it and put it inside the car. It is also easy to fold and comes settled up, so you don’t need to be worried about assembling.
  • The company has included adjustable seatbelts (more than 47”) so that you don’t fall while going through uneven rocky roads. Moreover, it has an attached pouch where you can keep your valuable belongings (money, purse, phone, etc.)
  • This adjustable wheelchair has adjustable arms that can be flipped up or down according to need. So, you don’t need to move to the dining chair to eat. All you just need to do is flip down the arms, and your wheelchair will be as good as a premium dining chair.
  • Removable footpads have heel loops for better comfort and adjust around 5”- 9″.

Even if you are injured, even if your body/legs don’t allow you to travel, by using these wheelchairs, you can travel and enjoy the ride.

  • The chair has an Adjustable and comfortable footrest with heel loops.
  • Hand brakes to activate lock of back wheels.
  • Flip-up arms allow multitasking.
  • Lightweight(22.65lb) but can hold at least 300lb.
  • It is a Ready-made chair and supports an easy folding mechanism.
  • Rear wheels are more extensive in some competitors.
  • Little expensive than the usual lighting transport chair, but it is worthy.

Nowadays, our lives have become so busy that you cannot take care of our ill/disabled/injured family members even though we want. Traveling while maintaining their posture might be hard for them. The least you can do for them is to purchase a Lightweight folding wheelchair, which they need. This article has reviewed the top 10 wheelchairs available in the market, which are lightweight, easy to transport, and comfy. All of them are produced with high-quality materials, so you don’t need to be concerned about durability. It will last longer and provide support for more extended periods indeed.

As choosing the best one is a chaotic task, we have gathered the best ones in one place. All these chairs have exciting features you would look for in a wheelchair. If you have less budget, you can choose the cheapest one. We also have enlisted that for you. In this article, we have given our utmost effort to provide the best service. Now, the rest is up to your choice and budget. So, go ahead, choose the Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, and have a safe ride!

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