How To Sit Comfortably With Sciatica

Sciatica is a common issue you might be facing. It is common in those who sit for long hours. Long sitting periods stress your Sciatic nerve. It causes pain in the buttocks, legs, or feet. Are you feeling pain or numbness in your feet? Can’t sit comfortably in your chair? If yes, then we are here to ease your pain. This article has widely discussed Sciatica, its issues, and treatments. Instead of a medical condition, Sciatica is a symptom. It is an irritation in the related nerve. Sciatic nerve occupies a large space in our bodies. Actually, it extends from the lower spine to the legs. If the nerve gets stressed, it will affect our sitting, walking, or standing. How to sit comfortably with Sciatica?

This is the first question while thinking about getting relief. We have a sort of this issue. Indeed, passing every day in pain is hard for you. You don’t have to tolerate it alone as we have brought the best tips to relieve your pain. Every person is different. So your preferred posture will be different too. You will feel better by following our advice. We have discussed its causes, remedies, and available treatments. Read this article thoroughly and know about the best posture for yourself!

Sit Comfortably With Sciatica: Get Some Relief!

The majority of office workers face Sciatica. Because they sit in their chair for 5/6 hours or more, if the chair doesn’t support your posture, you will feel pain around your waist. Not all pains back pains are Sciatica. Or It might be the beginning of your issue. Before going to the tips, let’s check out Sciatica.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is not a medical issue. It’s more like symptoms. Irritation in the Sciatic nerve begins this problem. You begin to feel pain around your waist, buttocks, and legs. During a severe condition, even standing gets painful.

Sciatica is the biggest nerve of our body. It arises from numerous points of the lower spine. After passing through the buttock, it continues in the leg. This nerve is related to many moving parts. So, it gets rubbed easily, causing severe pain. You will feel pain in your back and pelvis at first. In most cases, this pain is the beginning before it spreads. Later it may increase in legs, feet, or toes.

how to sit with sciatica

Sciatica nerve’s irritation causes numerous problems. These issues include- spinal stenosis, sacroiliac joint’s misalignment.

The pain level isn’t the same for all. It varies to a greater extent.

Let’s check the symptoms broadly!

Common Symptoms You May Face:

Sciatica varies from person to person. But there are many common symptoms.

  • Increased numbness in the legs.
  • Continuous pain in buttocks or one leg.
  • Burning or irritating sensation in the legs, toes.
  • Increased pain in legs, feet, and toes.
  • It’s hard to stand or walk.

Causes Of Sciatica:

It is a feeling of pain in the waist. Many reasons cause this irritation. Lifestyle and bad posture is the main issue. Overweight can add to the consequences of the problem. If you spend most of your time on the desk, you might face it too. With aging, your bones and joints will get weak. This weakness might increase numbness or pain.

Here comes the main point of this article. How to sit comfortably with Sciatica?

You should find the best posture for you to reduce the pain. Every one of us is different. So, the stance differs too. At first, you have to know your body. Then take steps to perfect your sitting.

Tips To Sit Comfortably With Sciatica:

Sitting for long periods is harmful, indeed. But you can’t stand on your feet all day. There are times when you have to sit down. If that posture is not perfect, it will negatively affect your health. We have enlisted the tips for you. Best physicians suggested these points to give you some relief.

  • I would suggest using an ergonomic chair. Regular chairs are not for superior comfort.
  • Ergonomic chairs have Bonded leather. It is soft and supports your muscles at the right points.
  • You can purchase a lumbar pillow. It will support your waist and pelvis. You can even use a roll of the towel instead. It will assist your lower back.
  • Place a stool under your feet. So, your knee and your hip will be in an even position. However, some patients have complained about it. They claim to experience more pain. If it is your case, keep your knees a little lower than hip.
  • If you use a deck or still under your feet, it will relieve you. It will create a 90°angle between thighs & legs.
  • Do you like leaning backward? If so, then you can purchase a recliner. You can adjust the angle as per need.
  • In the case of a recliner, don’t twist your spine. Recline and turn your full body.
  • While sitting, keep your legs flat. Some people like sitting by crossing legs. Physicians advise not to follow that posture as it will tighten your muscles more.
  • Suppose you are sitting/working for hours. Take a small break. Walk for a while. It will cause relief pain.

These are the tips you can follow to reduce pain. These tips will work indeed. Many patients claimed that they got excellent results. If you are going through pain, don’t bear it alone. Don’t let pain affect your daily life. Follow our tips. You will surely notice improvements.

What Is The Ideal Position For You?

You might be confused about the perfect posture for yourself. Which one should I try? What will be my ideal posture? We can’t determine it for real. Because it varies depending on your body, place your feet on the ground for the perfect position. Keep a 90° angle between your leg and trunk. Place a box under your leg. There will be a 90° angle placed in between legs and thighs. If you like leaning down, use a recliner. So you can read or sleep in peace. Sometimes you are at work for long. Sitting makes you feel worse. If it is so, take a break. Go out and stretch your legs. Hopefully, you will sit comfortably with Sciatica.


You don’t have to tolerate Sciatic pain alone. It would be best if you did not ignore Sciatic irritation. You can go to a physician to diagnose.

A doctor can check your MRI & X-ray. He can decide the treatment quickly. Many people choose to be in bed for pain relief. But it’s of no use. Rather you are weakening your muscles. It’s better to walk and exercise instead.

Some common treatments are–


Try some yoga daily. Make it your daily habit. Regular yoga stretches will reduce pain. After determining the issue, you will know the posture you need to focus on.

Walking And Stretching:

Be active. Don’t waste your time in bed. Instead of lying in fear, be cheerful. Stress will make things worse. Try to do some exercise or walk. Perform stretches in the break. Perform the things you enjoy.

Be Calm:

Don’t be stressed. Stay calm. Stress will affect regular blood flow. Negative emotions and nervousness restrict the supply of oxygen.


An effective massage can relieve your pain easily.

Physical Therapy:

Sciatic pain is a common issue on this day. Most of the office workers suffer from Sciatica. Because they sit in a chair for hours, so, their sciatic nerve gets irritated. But you don’t need to worry anymore. We have discussed the most effective ways for you. Now, you can sit comfortably with Sciatica. Know your body. Try the comfiest position for you. We have discussed other treatments along with it. You can purchase an ergonomic chair for a better experience. Hope this information was helpful; apart from trying these ways, go-to physician. They can diagnose easily. If Sciatica gets worse, you will need surgery. Our techniques will relax your muscles. Follow our advice for better assistance and get relief.

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