How to Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle?

Are you feeling uncomfortable sitting in your office chair? Is the seat angle of your chair perfect? You may think about how to Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle?

It is not a big issue when we are here. Do you want to know how to adjust the seat angle? Read this article thoroughly. Here will describe the easiest ways to do so.

How to Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle

So without wasting time, let’s know about the office chair seat angle.

Why Adjustment of Office Chair Seat Angle Important?

Sitting in an unsuitable position for a long time can be uncomfortable. You should adjust the seat angle. It would help if you work sitting in an office chair for a longer time.

Your sitting style affects your body in many ways, like:

  • Seat angle helps to keep your body perfectly aligned.
  • You can get rid of any backbone problems.
  • Help to reduce the numbness of your leg.

Thus, you must adjust the misalignment of your office chair seat. If you sit at a perfect angle, you will get ease for a longer time. You must be fit. So, a perfect curve of sitting is vital for you.

How to Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle?

If we describe in short, you can adjust the office chair seat angle with three steps only. Those are:

  1. Firstly, you have to remove the weight,
  2. Secondly, you have to pull the lever upward,
  3. Finally, you have to adjust the height.

This is the basic step that sounds so easy, but actually not that. You should sit on the chair in the correct posture and then determine the angle which you want.

Besides, for some types of chairs, tilt and tilt tension works differently. For those chairs, you have to use tilt tension to balance the load on the back. Adjustment of backrest and seat height is related to adjusting the seat angle.

To adjust the seat angle of your office chair, you have to apply all things properly. So, let’s know the step by step process.

Step by Step Guide to Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle

You have to sit in the chair first to adjust your office chair’s seat angle. Are you wondering to hear that? Yes! Sitting properly in the chair is the first thing. This is because you have to measure the seat angle and the height of the seat and backrest.

Now the question is, how can you sit in perfect posture for measurement? Let’s know steps to follow to adjust the office chair properly:

Measure the Desired Height

Your sitting posture can affect the seat angle adjustment. If you fix the seat angle in the wrong angle, it will affect you later.

You have to sit as your feet touch the ground properly. It would help if you were concerned about the distance between the knees and seat pans. The appropriate distance is 2 inches.

You have to fix the knobs staying calm in this position. To get the proper seat angle, you have to adjust the angles one by one.

Adjustment of Chair Height

When you sit in a proper way, it is time to start the adjustments. First, you should adjust the chair height. Chair height will depend on your height.

There is a pneumatic cylinder that is attached to the seat. This cylinder controls the lift and drops action that is triggered by a lever.

You will find it situated on either side of the seat. Generally, on the right side of the chair, with up and down arrows. Make sure you adjust the chair like your elbows are level with the desk height.

If you need to work on the desk for an extended period, then set the chair to the most comfortable height, then fit the desk to elbow height.

Adjustment of Chair Angle

Now it is time to know How to Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle. This is quite a critical task. But, it is essential for you to reduce the risk of back pain, joint pain.

You can face body pain for a long time sitting on a chair. Some office chairs allow changing the seat angle. It would help if you did this at the level which will suit you.

The best way of adjustment is to fix the seat slightly angled in the forward position. It will help you in three ways:

  1. Reduce pressure on your thigh
  2. It opens the angle of your hip
  3. Improves your back posture

Finally, a proper seat angle will make you completely relaxed and help you to concentrate on your work more.

Adjustment of Armrests

The next step is to adjust the armrest of your chair. Correct armrest alignment will help you to reduce shoulder pain. So, let’s know the process to adjust it.

Firstly, you have to measure the height of your wrist with your elbows. This is because you need to align the height of your armrests according to this measurement.

Your comfort of working depends on the level of the armrest with the desk. Proper alignment of the armrest will save you from arm pain.

You may need to type or write something placing your arm on the desk. At this time, your arm should be straight level, direct to the desk. It can lessen the risk of arm pain. Proper adjustment is the key to everything.

Adjustment of Backrests

The shape of the backrest cushion plays an important role. It would help if you considered this fact while buying an office chair.

Generally, the backrest cushion has a protruding portion. You should set this protruding part in your lower back portion. In other words, you should fix it according to your waist level.

There can be two kinds of adjustment systems for your chair. Those are:

  1. Your car may have a knob at the base of its backrest. You have to loosen or tighten this knob to adjust the backrest height.
  2. Some chairs come with a ratchet-style backrest adjustment system. If your chair is like this, you can adjust it quite simply. You need to click once and pull the backrest upward or push down.

Does Seat Angle Ensure You Complete Comfort?

So, now you know how to Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle. The perfect seat angle of your chair is related to your comfort level. Besides this, how you are used to sitting is also a fact.

You should maintain the ideal sitting posture. It will help to get rid of any kind of body pain.

The best sitting posture is firmly grounded feet. As you know, you have to adjust seat depth compared with your height and weight. A chair with a small seat is harmful to your back body if you are working in the chair for the long term.

Placing your foot firmly on the ground will support your lower back. If your foot is not firmly flared on the ground, you must use a footrest to improve your posture.

For getting a perfect seat angle, you must be careful about those things.


So, how to Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle? Now you know the answer, right?

Here we tried to describe the easy and simple steps for you. You can follow the steps carefully.

We hope you find the context helpful to fix your office chair seat angle. Don’t forget to share your valuable comment with us.

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