How to Fix Squeaky Office Chair?

How to fix squeaky office chair? This is very important to know to get rid of the irritation noise. You may be facing this disturbance from your office chair for quite a long time. However, now it is time to resolve the problem.

Here we are including some simple steps to follow to fix a squeaky office chair. You just need to read this context thoroughly. And then follow the steps to make your noisy chair a gentle one.

What is a Squeaky Office Chair?

When your office chair becomes older, some of the bolts and screws can become loose. Thus those screws start causing noise while sitting. There can be many reasons for this problem.

Actually, the main reason is office chairs are moveable. Due to access movement, the joints of the chair become loose. Almost all people face this problem after a long time in an office chair.

How to Fix Squeaky Office Chair?

A squeaky chair may annoy you while you are working. So, you have to know the way to fix this problem. You can fix a squeaky chair in the easiest method by following only two steps.

Here the are:

Checking for the Noise Source

When your office chair becomes squeaky, the first task you have to do is find the noise source. The most common reason for your chair’s squeakiness can be the loose bolts and screws. You should check all the bolts of your chair to find the noise source.

Firstly, you have to flip your chair and make sure it is leaning with something to avoid injury. Then you will be able to inspect all the bolts and screws properly. Use your finger to wiggle the bolts and screws. Thus, you will feel if any of them are loose or not.

Fixing the Bolts and Screws

Your chair squeaking problem can be. Now it is time to fix the loose bolts and screws you found. You can take a screwdriver and start tightening the screws. When you think it becomes completely tight, you have to check the chair. If the chair has no more squeaking, your work is done. Otherwise, you have to follow some other ways to stop the noise.

Cleaning the Rusts

Sometimes the bolts and screws become rusty after a long time of usage. Rusty bolts can make your chair noisy. Then cleaning the rusts becomes necessary. You can treat the rusts on your office chair in two ways: by using some oil on the rusty parts or by following a homely way.

Let’s know the process:

1. Oiling the Rusty Bolts

Oiling is an essential way to save your metal chair from becoming rusty. If the bolts and screws already become rusty, it will also help to remove them.

Take an oil spray and spread the spray on the rusty parts of the chair. In case you don’t have a spray bottle, you can pour a small amount of oil on the rusty parts and rub gently. It will help to make the bolts and screws loose and reduce noise from the chair. You should apply oil on the rusty part until it can move freely without any noise.

You can use any other lubricant instead of oil. In that case, we will suggest a WD-40 water-resistant silicone spray lubricant.

2. Other Homely Way

If you don’t have lubricant in your home, here is another effective way for you. You may have a steel wool ball in your home. If you don’t have any, you must have a toothbrush which you need for this process. Also, you need to take some vinegar with that.

Take some vinegar in a bowl and soak the brush or the steel wool on it. Then rub the brush gently on the rusty part of your office chair. This process is very effective in rust off your office chair.

Fixing the Springs

Springes of the chair also can be a reason for a squeaky office chair. You can use a Teflon thread sale tape to fix the springs. You can follow a different method to treat the springs on your office chair. Like:

  • At first, you have to take a screwdriver and remove the screws to access the spring. Then attach the tape and rub them at one place between the springs. It will lessen the pressure and reduce the squeaking due to springs.
  • Instead of using tape, you can also use mineral oils or petroleum jelly in the springs. In that case, first, you have to worm the petroleum jelly before using it. You can use a hairdryer to heat the jelly. Then, spread it on the spring evenly.
  • You can also use wax instead. You have to take a candle. Make the candle melt on the springs and rub it on the area.

Though you can follow any of these methods, we will suggest using Teflon tape to solve the problem permanently.

Checking the Wheels

As the chair wheels move a lot, it can be the source of squeaking. You have to check it well to identify the noise source. You can apply some oil or silicone spray on the chair wheel. It will make sure the wheels move perfectly and not to be noisy.

Replacing the Chair

So! You have come to the final task. When you come to this point, you would do everything. Now turn the chair and replace it in position. Sit on the chair or make someone sit on it to check if it stops squeaking or not.

Wrapping Up!

That’s all about How to fix squeaky office chair. We have tried to make all the processes simple for you. I hope you find it helpful. Now it’s your turn to apply the method to fix your squeaky office chair. Don’t forget to share your valuable comment with us. Let us know how helpful the method was.

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