How to Raise Office Chair without Lever?

Are you having a problem with the height of your office chair? Do you need to raise the chair, but there is no lever? Do you want to know how to raise office chair without lever? We have the solution for you. To have your solution, you have to read this content thoroughly. So let’s get into it.

People use different types of office chairs according to their needs or suit of office interior, executives, or office workers use. A perfect height is crucial for a perfect office chair to provide you complete comfort and flexibility to work. Here, we will open to you some easy ways to raise our office chair without a lever to make it comfier for you.

Determining the Height

While adjusting the height of the chair, at first, you need to check the best height for you. For this, you need to measure the distance between your knee-height and the floor. The office chair’s height should be equal to this distance.

  • You should also consider the table setting and your preferable position of sitting in case of determining the chair height.
  • You should sit on the chair in such a way thus your feet be in a square position against the floor, keeping your thigh horizontally.
  • Again your legs should create 90 degrees angle.
  • Sitting in such a position, take note of the difference of your knee and then approach to fix the chair height accordingly.

How to Raise Office Chair without Lever?

There are three common ways to adjust the height- Clockwise and Anticlockwise Movement, Bolt Movement, and Back Height Movement.

Now let’s talk about the three ways to adjust the chair height without a lever.

1. Clockwise and Anticlockwise Movement

There are some types of chairs that don’t come with a lever. You can move such chairs in any direction to adjust its height. For these chairs, you can adjust the height in this way.

To perform the task, the first thing to do is to stand up from your chair. Then turn your chair manually in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. As you do so, your chair will start to move. Then keep turning until you reach the best height.

When you adjust the chair, never forget to sit on it to check your sitting posture if it comforts you at the right level. Precisely, that is what you need.

2. Bolt Movement

Some of the chairs have a bolt located at the bottom. In this case, stand up again from your chair to adjust the bolt according to your preferred position.

Then start the bolt up or down to fix the chair height and stop when you get the right height.

Now check the best position by sitting on it; if the position comforts you, then okay. Otherwise, to further change, repeat the process as long as you get your required height.

3. Back Height Movement

There are many office chairs in the marketplace which has a back or arms changing feature. Some of them allow you to change the full back of the chair. Weather some chairs allow only up and down movement while you can move some chair’s backrests front and back. If you want to get the best chair sitting position, you need to know in which category your office chair falls into.

To adjust the back height and arms of the chair, you need to continue turning the parts until you get the best position to be comfortable. Then you must lock the tilt, which will be helpful to you to keep the chair in the same position.

Some Other Ways

Here we are going to explain three common reasons for not having a lever and how to solve it.

Non-Pneumatic Chair

Non-Pneumatic chairs are quite old for now. If you have a non-pneumatic chair, the steps you need to follow for adjustment of the height is given here:

  • Your older chairs may have a small lock that prevents you from accidentally readjusting the height. To trace the lock, you need to flip the chair over.
  • After locating the lock, take a screwdriver and unfasten the lock with it.
  • When you loosen the lock, flip the chair back again to its normal position.
  • Now you can start adjusting the height. To adjust the height, turn the chair clockwise to lower the seat and turn counterclockwise to raise it.
  • Continue turning till you get the right height according to your taken measurements.
  • When you fix the chair to the right height, then reinsert the lock and tighten it.

Damaged or Missing Parts

In some cases, you may find some of your office chairs have damaged or missing parts. In such situations, you need to repair or change those parts of your chair. You will find the parts of the office chairs in several local stores. You can buy the parts and repair or attach them on your own. Besides that, you have another option to take them to the shop to make it repaired in a professional hand.

For a pneumatic chair, if you have a damaged lever, you can take it to any furniture repair shop to fix it. Or, you can use a makeshift adjustment lever to lower the chair height. If you want a more permanent fix, you will need to replace the missing lever.

Rearranging Some Parts

When you find inappropriate seat height, you can fix it by rearranging its parts. To adjust the seat height, you can add an extra cushion to the chair. It will help you to get the ideal seat height.

Besides, you may need a lower seat of your office chair to match your desk. You can do it in a very easy way. Instead of cutting up your office chair, you can buy desk elevation blocks. You can place them to raise the height of your desk. Put the blocks one after one until they match with your office chair height.


If your chair has no lever, then you might be in a problem and seeking to know how to raise office chair without lever. There are several ways to adjust your chair’s height even without a lever. Here we tried to include the simplest settings that can enhance your comfort on the chair. I hope it will be helpful.

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